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Any time you want to motivate, inform, or guide people, the best way to do that is through as story."

How to craft powerful stories about pretty much anything

In a world where content is omnipresent, how do you cut through the noise?

Whether you’re building a brand, engaging a distributed workforce, or trying to stand out as a thought leader, being authentic and intentional about the stories you tell makes a world of difference.

I had the opportunity to talk about the power of storytelling in all these contexts and more on the podcast, Stop the Noise with Susan Tatum. Please give it a listen and let me know which points resonate most with you!

Jennifer Roth

Jennifer Roth is a senior marketing communications professional with extensive experience developing innovative strategies for informing, guiding, and motivating people. Her unique blend of creativity and analytics has created value for a wide variety of organizations, from mid-sized local businesses to Fortune 500 corporations.